Rob Bazzant
Construction Director

It’s not what you know but who you know. When my Commissioning Engineer discovered an ingress
of water into the main turbine oil lube tank at our facility, we were potentially facing the prospect of
changing 22,000 litres of oil at significant cost whilst being unable to operate the steam turbine or
generate power.
Cue Mike Young of MY Fluid Management Services who arrived two hours after our call. A calm
assessment of the situation and within 24 hours we had a specialist vacuum dehydrator on site,
working its magic.
Within a week, the water volume was reduced to a safe operational level and he had additionally
run a filtration system to remove particulates in the oil.
It wasn’t just the fact that Mike has saved the company a substantial amount of time and money,
but he identified the most cost-effective solution to the problem plus undertook filtration work
which will improve efficiency. Mike’s ongoing work with us has always proved invaluable but this
incident certainly demonstrated we had the right fluid management company in place.
All I can say is, I am glad I know Mike of MY Fluid Management Services and I recommend him to any
businesses requiring fluid management expertise.

John Grierson(Pennine Lubricants Ltd)
Sales Director

I engaged the services of Mike of MY Fluid Management Services when a customer of mine was
looking to clean out 33 MWF sumps, ready for a complete move to a new larger factory to allow for
further expansion.
Many of the machines were overdue a clean-out and the customer expressed concerns the work
would over-run his schedule for machine moves and re-commissioning, affecting production.
Not only was the work completed ahead of schedule, but the customer repeatedly expressed how
impressed he was with the standard of work carried out.
I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to engage the services of Mike again in the future and would be happy
to recommend his services.