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[cws_sc_text add_divider=”1″ customize_colors=”” subtitle=”About” title=”MYFluid Management Services Ltd “]MY Fluid Management Services Ltd are an independent service company with many years’ experience within the industry, predominantly the injection moulding sector.

We specialize in:

Hydraulic oil tank cleaning,

Oil and filter changes,

Filtration and sampling,

Oil provision.

MWF testing.

Additional support services.

Hydraulic oil is the life blood of your capital equipment, and an asset. As with any asset, great care should be given to its condition and maintenance. Dirty and/or poor-quality oil will damage the vital components within your capital equipment. The cost of failure to major components, not just in parts but lost production time can very easily amount to many thousands of pounds, while regular oil maintenance and servicing is relatively small in comparison and should be included into regular PPM’s.

There are international standards on the cleanliness of oil, most OEM’s specify ISO codes of either 15:12 or 14:11.

New good quality oil comes in at ISO 18:15, and many poorer quality oils that may contain a percentage of recycled oil, can be much higher than that.

Each time the ISO count drops one grade, say from ISO 18:12 to 17:11, half of the contaminant particles have been removed, to get to ISO 14:11 considerable filtration needs to be carried out.

Under standard conditions, and with regular monitoring and filtration, 20000 – 25,000 hours is the maximum life span of the oil, before the anti-wear package is depleted, and oxidization and tarnishing start to occur.

On oils that run at higher temperatures, say above 50 degrees Celsius, that is reduced to 10000-15000 hours.[/cws_sc_text]

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