Continuous Maintenance Program

This low-cost program is specifically designed to massively reduce the costs
associated with standard hydraulic oil maintenance programs, and the
downtime and costs of major component failure due to dirty oil.

The benefits of this great value service are listed below.

Many “in-house” oil maintenance programs fail to achieve this objective for
any number of reasons. This program aims to solve these problems across all
the capital equipment on site with no need for costly capital outlay.

Dirty oil kills machines. Even good quality new oil comes in at ISO18/15 and
should be filtered.
OEM’s specify ISO codes of at least ISO15/12 as an acceptable level of oil

We will:

  1.  Attend site and securely connect latest generation filtration equipment
    designed for purpose.
  2.  Filtration unit will run for 1 week on the reservoir of your capital
  3.  After 1 week we will attend site, take a sample for analysis at an
    independent laboratory.
  4.  Move the filtration equipment onto the next piece of capital equipment.
  5.  Filtration unit filters will be checked and changed, as necessary.
  6.  This process will be repeated until all the capital equipment’s reservoirs
    have been cleaned and sampled.
  7.  This process can be repeated continuously or at set intervals.

All this will be done for one set low-cost price per machine. You will be
invoiced per machine and can end the program at any time.
The filtration equipment always remains the property of MYFMS Ltd and
should not be interfered with, moved, damaged, or removed from site.
Additional costs maybe incurred in this event.
Any further work required, such as tank cleaning or oil changes will be charged
at additional cost, and quotes can be obtained from MYFMS Ltd.

Price is all inclusive. Travel, attending site, sampling and replacement filters
are all included in the one low-cost price.

Additional costs are only due if water is present within the oil, and extra
filters and attending site is required to remove the water within the hydraulic
Benefits of this program.

  1.  Reduced maintenance costs.
  2.  Peace of mind, knowing the oil health of your capital equipment is being
    looked after.
  3.  Frees up time of managers and maintenance staff, as its managed
    throughout by MYFMS Ltd.
  4.  Greater reliability, consistency of process and less downtime due to
    component failure.
  5.  Machine problems such as water ingress, wear of critical components
    can be found and rectified before damage is done, possibly avoiding
    hugely expensive repair costs.

The low-cost fee per machine is on the proviso that we agree to filter the oil in
all or most of the capital equipment on site. (The one set low price is
dependent upon the medium capacities of the equipment, and distance from
our home base).

An example of this would be if you had 25 injection moulding machines on site,
to filter each for a week would take about 6 months. We then start at the
beginning and repeat the process.

It maybe that with the first week’s filtration, the oil cleanliness does not meet
the pass rate of ISO 15/12, (NAS class 5) which is very much dependent on:

  1.  The condition of the oil tank, such as sludge, dirt & debris build up over a
  2.  Hydraulic oil condition and start level contamination.
  3.  Oil tank capacity. For example, a 4000ltr tank would need several weeks-
    worth of filtration to bring it within the correct ISO code.
  4.  Whether the machine is running in production during the filter time or
    sat idle. Its better if the oil is at normal operating temperature and the
    machine is running, to stir the oil around the tank/baffles and the whole
  5.  The condition of the machine and its components. If wear and
    breakdown of pumps and screw motors is already occurring, then a steady stream of metal particles will be being introduced into the tank, affecting the filter unit’s ability to remove them all.

However, the filter units we use can remove up-to half a kilo of contamination,
(dependent upon the contamination material) per cartridge, per session,
greatly reducing the chances of component failure. They will also remove up-to
a litre of water per cartridge.

On the second or third cycle of cleaning the remaining dirt can be removed,
bringing it to within acceptable limits, dependent upon start level
contamination, and tank capacity.

If the program is allowed to continue, then fantastic levels of cleanliness can
be achieved. Over time, ISO levels of between 11 & 13 are expected. (NAS class
2, 3 or 4).

This system works. I was visiting a medical company twice a year for 5 years,
filtering every machine on each visit. Pump or screw motor failures were very
low, (Less than one per year, on average over 90 pieces of equipment) and ISO
codes averaged to ISO 12/11, with some as low as ISO 09/08. Oil life was
extended to oil changes only being performed once every 3-4 years, despite
continuous running 24/7. Many of the machines were 15-20 years old with
over 100,000 hours, many never had a pump or screw motor failure in its
entire history. Proof that given the chance, this system works, and can save
many tens of thousands of pounds annually.

Contact me directly for further information and a highly competitive quote. We
believe our quality of service and price are the best available!