Filtration and sampling

To quote a phrase, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Good filtration takes time. It should not be rushed, as it takes time to filter the
whole system, around every corner and baffle in the tank, and every pipe,
cylinder, and valve. If it is rushed, then only a portion of the tank is filtered.

Dirt shortens the life of your expensive profit-making capital equipment. We
recommend that if an OEM recommends a cleanliness code of 17/15/12, then
the oil should be cleaned to at least one ISO count better than that. For
example, ISO 16/14/11.

For simplicity, think of it as, every-time the ISO count increases by one, you are
doubling the dirt.

What is the cost of not carrying out filtration and sampling?

Well, even for a small machine, the costs of a breakdown are considerable.

For a small to medium machine, to have a pump replaced by OEM engineers
would be £12,000+, £5000+ of which would be the pump.

Plus, the replacement machine filters, tank cleaning, filtration costs, valves,
downtime, replacement oil costs, the end bill is likely to be considerably more
than the cost of cleaning the oil to better than OEM specification in the first

The bigger the machine, the greater the cost hit, which comes straight off your
bottom line.

We use a variety of filter equipment, to cover every possible eventually,
including our Hy-Pro filter unit, which uses 6- &; 3-micron absolute beta 4000

What does beta 4000 mean? It means for every 4000 particles caught, one
escapes, making them 99%+ efficient.

For particularly dirty and contaminated oils we offer a 2-stage filtration process,
which have shown truly excellent results. Enquire for details.

Need water or varnish removed from your hydraulic oil? Not a problem! Tell us
how big, or small the problem is, and we will find the right solution for you,
even if “our” solution is not the right solution, our promise to you is we will
find the right solution for you and your machines.

Sampling analysis is carried out by an independent laboratory. Sample reports
are in pdf format, and can be verified by the lab themselves, using their

OMEGA system, where your results are stored to a cloud, which you can

Why is this important? Because you need to have trust and faith in the
information been given to you, which you have paid for.

I mention it, because some time ago, I was shown by a customer a lab report
showing ISO counts provided by their previous oil management company, and
it was a word document. Trust in the information being provided to you, needs
to be absolute.

We recommend regular sampling to monitor your oil health and build up trend

Get it clean, get it really clean, and keep it clean. It is what we do.