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MYFMS Ltd are now distributors for EXOL Lubricants, the largest manufacturer and distributor of Lubricants within the UK, with its manufacturing and blending plant in Rotherham, England.

Our expertise is in oil management for the plastic injection moulding industry, and fluid management services in the general manufacturing business sectors.

In plastic injection moulding machines, it is very important that a good quality hydraulic fluid is used. Most machines are fitted with high quality pumps, fine tolerance valves, ultra-fine filters and contain various metals and seals made from many different materials. Therefore, to prolong the life of your machine and to protect the internal components within the machine, using an oil that has good multi metal and seal compatibility, as well as good filterability properties, will help to minimise equipment failure.

Many OEM’s have a recommended oil cleanliness recommendation. This is usually an ISO Cleanliness Code of between 16/14/11 to 18/15/12 which varies depending on the manufacturer. It is recommended that for initial fill and service fill oil changes that hydraulic oils are filtered into the machine sump. Using very high-quality long-life hydraulic oils manufactured using Group II base stocks and an outstanding additive package, can help provide the following benefits:

  • Increased oil drain intervals
  • High oxidation resistance and thermal stability
  • Increased energy efficiency potential
  • Excellent filterability 
  • Minimise sludge build up and varnishing


MY Fluid Management Services Ltd services can offer you a competitive quotation for oils, supplied through our preferred lubricants supplier or we can provide you with a quotation excluding the oil. 


Please contact us on mikey@myfluidmanagement.co.uk 

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